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Creating Business Analysis artifacts:

User Needs Assessments, Opportunity Assessments

Project Vision

User Requirements Specifications

Requirements Tracking Matrix

Functional Requirements Specification

Use Cases

Data modeling Document

Wireframes, Storyboards, Dashboard mockups

Process modeling, Descriptions and Maps Document

Cost, workflow, workforce modeling Results Document

System Requirements Specification

System Design Document

Test Plan Document

Test Results, Prototype Results Document

Interface Analysis Interface Document

Verification Test Plan

User Acceptance Test Plan

Change Impact analysis, Impact Document

Risk Analysis:

Providing advice to business managers by defining and analysing risk landscapes, creating reports and presenting the findings and recommendations.

Providing research evidence of the experiences of others in the industry including stakeholders, developers, customers and the investment community in order to provide a forecast of the success of an initiative as well as real-world examples of risk mitigations.

Marketing, Sales and Traffic Analysis:

Helping our customers build realistic expectations by reviewing their marketing plan, traffic reports and sales reports.

Creating forecasts of the volume of traffic currently reported and that required to meet sales goals.

Reviewing additional strategies intended to improve sales and creating realistic expectations.

Facilitation and Training:

Providing Facilitation and Training Presented Malware overviews and employee responsibilities in the Ottawa Public Library Adult Education Program and presentations to government employees at CIDA, Public Works and private enterprises.

Providing training materials: manuals, help pages, course materials, presentations, videos and media streaming sessions.

Business Moves and Downsizing:

Helping our customers review processes: reclassifying, priortizing, augmenting, recosting, combining, reducing and updating per process documentation.

Working with them to update business information content of web pages, customer presentations and business documentation.

Reviewing contracts, SLAs and the business plan to ensure the "to be" state will support business committments.

Reviewing the metrics and reporting in order to ensure an accurate picture of the health the business in the new reality.

Reviewing strategies intended to retain customers, improve sales and reduce costs. Finally, helping to create realistic business expectations.

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